Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Midterm Assessment (Fall 2011)

Eng 232 / Fall 2011
Dr. Gideon Burton

Midterm Assessment

During the week of Oct 31 - Nov 4 we will be assessing how we’ve done so far in reaching the course learning outcomes and making plans for the final project that you will be working on during the final month of the semester. The midterm assessment will be divided between 1) a self-assessment; and 2) a midterm interview.

1. Midterm Self-Assessment (blog post)
Due: Mon. Oct 31 (for those scheduled for a Tues. midterm interview); all others, Tues. Nov 1

Create a blog post in which you assess your progress to date. Please follow this structure:
A. Learning OutcomesYou may wish to refer to the learning outcomes as outlined in more detail on the course syllabus.
    1. How have I gained Shakespeare literacy?
    2. How have I analyzed Shakespeare critically?
    3. How have I engaged Shakespeare creatively?
    4. How have I shared Shakespeare meaningfully?
Underneath each heading, provide a short paragraph that includes linked references back to those blog posts that have documented your learning in each area.

B. Self-directed Learning
Provide a brief paragraph in which you reflect upon your self-directed learning.
    • What have I done that demonstrates I have taken charge of my own learning about Shakespeare?
    • How am I doing at planning my learning, documenting my learning, finding appropriate resources for my learning, scheduling and carrying out learning activities, and measuring my learning?

Note that I am just as interested in how your thinking and habits are developing as I am in knowing specific things you have done. Are you thinking and acting like a self-directed learner?

C. Collaborative and Social Learning
Provide a brief paragraph in which you reflect upon how you have learned alongside and through others. Specifically:
    • Which students have aided me most in my own learning (through help inside or outside of class, through their comments on my blog, or through their blogging, etc.)?
    • How is working withing the assigned learning groups working? How could this be improved?
    • How am I involving others (outside of my group or even our class) in my learning? Or, how am I applying my learning about Shakespeare in social settings beyond class?
D. Looking Ahead
State what your plans are for meeting learning outcomes or personal learning plans that are incomplete. This can include discussion of the final project.

2. Midterm interview
Sign up for a scheduled individual interview time with the instructor. I will be reviewing your self-assessment blog post prior to your interview and will base our discussion around that. In addition, be prepared to speak about:
  • any of the plays we’ve studied together
  • your individually assigned play and that assignment.
  • live performances attended or film adaptations viewed
  • final project ideas