Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Experiment in Teleconferencing and Shakespeare

Just what could be done by combining teleconferencing technology with an undergraduate course in Shakespeare?

What could be gained, what put at risk, by splitting a course in Shakespeare between two locations, mediated by telepresence?

These are the questions I'm posing myself today, after receiving an invitation from  the BYU Salt Lake Center to pilot a hybrid course split between there and BYU-Provo. As explained to me by the center's director, Scott Howell, the Vidyo telepresence technology will be available for distance learning for the first time for a humanities course. It makes sense to try this out on a very common course like Shakespeare.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Final Projects for Fall 2011

After some vigorous and helpful discussion Thursday, it was decided that we would put on an event at the semester's end to showcase the projects. One of the groups will take the lead in planning that event (what I'm now calling the media group).

Given that we will be combining all our projects at that point, and given that many students have interest in more than one group, I am allowing (within reason) for people to contribute to more than one project if they have the interest and energy.

With this in mind, please blog about these projects between now and our next meeting on Nov. 8th so we can better define the parameters of the proposals and assign people more firmly to specific projects. Consider responding to this post, or possibly link back to a post on your own blogs.

Proposed Projects
  1. Theatrical Production: “Love’s Labours” Averill Corkin is heading up a group that will put on a short production that combines couples from three different plays by Shakespeare. Group members: Averill, Anthony, Eric, Gabe, Justin, Brittni, Martina
  2. Art & Education Mason and Amanda Cassandra are combining those with interests in producing art related to Shakespeare with those interested in creating an art and education curriculum of some sort as an open educational resource to be circulated online.
  3. Documentary Kelsie has proposed using her film talents to head up doing a documentary film about the production of the various projects and the event showcasing these.
  4. Music Video Kara has proposed the creation of some post rock done to a Shakespeare text and of a music video based upon this.
  5. Audio Shakespeare Amanda has proposed putting together a group to do an audio performance of a work by Shakespeare to be posted to the LibriVox site in the public domain. Brittni is eager to help.
  6. Media Austin will head this group, which combines pragmatic uses of media to publicize and conduct our end-of-semester event, as well as exploratory and creative uses of media to show what can be done in digitally mediating Shakespeare. JJ Despain will also be on the team, along with Eric B.
  7. Proposed Production A group that creates a plan for a proposed production of one of Shakespeare's plays. This can include a text "treatment," artistic sketches for the art design or costumes, storyboards, or reference media.

More details about general requirements for the projects follow: