Blog Index - Winter 2012 (English 232)
  1. Dr. Gideon Burton, "Shakespeare Unbound"
  2. Allred, Austen, "What's in a Name?"
  3. Devenport, Katie, "All the World's a Stage"
  4. Fowles, Andrew, "My forays into the world of Shakespeare"
  5. Hall, Rachel, "The Ideas of March"
  6. Kionga, Nickson, "Shakespeare's favorite sandwich"
  7. Manwaring, Moriah, "I think...Shakespeare!"
  8. Maurer, Aubrie, "In-Betweening Shakespeare"
  9. Meng, Sydney, "Shakespeare...O Monstrous Beast!"
  10. Orton, Emily, "My Very Own Secret Shakespeare"
  11. Peterson, Marina, "Passing through my dancing days"
  12. Rackham, Anne, "To Thine Own Self Be True"
  13. Stevens, Kim, "Shakespeare for the Satisfied"
  14. Sumsion, Chloe, "The World is a Stage"
  15. Zitting, Sarah, "A Shakespeare a day keeps..."
Salt Lake Center students:
  1. Fowles, Rebecca, "Got Shakespeare?"
  2. Lloyd, Kent, "These Words will Cost Ten-Thousand Lives This Day"
  3. Mortensen, Cameron, "Shakespeare isn't dead"

Blog Index - Winter 2012 (English 382)

  1. Dr. Gideon Burton, "Shakespeare Unbound"
  2. Beatty, Cortnie, "Reworking the Bard"
  3. Bickham, Jill, "Ariel is a Spirit (Not a Mermaid)"
  4. Custer, Arielle, "Shakespeare died a long time ago"
  5. Cutler, Jacob, "Bill Shakespeare"
  6. Cutler, Josh, "Everything Shakespeared"
  7. Jones, Jenny, "All the World's a Blog"
  8. Lewis, Ashley, "O Shakespeare, Shakespeare!"
  9. McComb, Taylor, "Timeless Words"
  10. Nichols, Rachel, "Roses have Thorns"
  11. Ontiveros, Rachel, "A Foolish Wit"
  12. Pina, Tara, "Damned Spots"
  13. Spooner, Kaleigh, "Dead for a Ducat"
  14. Stevens, Mallory, "Shakespeare, My Homeboy"
  15. Tait, Mikhaela, "Seeing Rosaline"
  16. Tovar, Alicia, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair."
  17. Walke, Kayla, "Greek to Me"
  18. Wallentine, Carlie, "A Most Extravagant Vagary"
  19. Zabriskie, Bri, "Give thy heart before thine eye"

Blog Index - Fall 2011

  1. Dr. Gideon Burton, "Shakespeare Unbound"
  2. Ball, Cassie, "Through the Stage Door"
    Check out her posts about costumes (post 1 | post 2)
  3. Bastian, Anthony, "Words, Words, Words"
    Check out his visual mapping of themes in Macbeth.
  4. Beckstead, Eric, "A Roomful of Monkeys & Typewriters"
    Check out his analyses of two different adaptations of Romeo and Juliet (The 1968 film and a Taylor Swift music video)
  5. Bendixsen, Melanie, "Not Really Erroneous"
    Check out her post about depth of character which involves comparisons to drawing and origami.
  6. Bennett, Mason, "Words Without Thoughts"
    Check out the links to all his very thoughtful blogging indexed in this reflection post. He was particularly skilled at incorporating art as a way of understanding Shakespeare.
  7. Corkin, Averill, "Put Thou A. Corkin it"
    Check out Averill's blog post the closely examines the effects of textual patterns in King Lear.
  8. Eberhard, Katie, "The Bard's Bend"
  9. Despain, J.J., "Refudiatin'"
  10. Heiner, Christa, "What's in a Name?"
  11. Humpherys, Meg, "Words Flying Up"
  12. Jensen, Keelan, "The Merry Dane"
  13. Morgan, Christopher, "In the way it's Said"
  14. Reimbers, Amy, "To Kill a Blog with Kindness"
  15. Tew, Kara, "Unpack my words"
  16. Smith, Matt, "Right Out of My Heart"
  17. Wilkins, "To Blog or Not to Blog"

Blog Index - Winter 2011
  1. Dr. Gideon Burton, "Shakespeare Unbound"
  2. Allred, Jonathan, "Blog-O-Shakespeare"
  3. Barker, Joanna, "All the World's a Stage"
  4. Bown, Sarah, "A Midsemester-Night's Delusions"
  5. Brock, Lindsay, "Speare Shaking"
  6. Call, Cara, "He wrote plays . . . you know like TV w/o the box"
  7. Call, Whitney, "Speare Me"
  8. Chelson, Natashya, "Thinking Makes it So"
  9. Da Silva Castro, Sara, "See Shakespeare"
  10. Davis, Laura, "A blog by any other name..."
  11. Hopkin, Claire, "Musings of a Wise-ish Fool...One Girl's Foray Through the World of Shakespeare"
  12. Kendrick, John, "Shakespeare 2011"
  13. Knutson, Brooke, "Discovering Shakespeare"
  14. Laulusa, Ladd, "My Boy Shakespeare"
  15. Manibog, Lianna, "Friends, Classmates, Lend Me Your Ears!"
  16. McCune, Janelle, "To blog or not to blog..."
  17. Michalek, Martin, "The fop"
  18. Mulkern, Bryan, "Decrypting Shakespeare"
  19. Ogles, Max, "On Shakespeare, by Max"
  20. Powell, Brandon, "Get Thee to a Nunnery"
  21. Prusse, Jennifer, "Screenwriting Shakespeare"
  22. Pulley, Hannah, "Shake It"
  23. Randell, Brooke, "Billy the Bard"
  24. Ricks, Rebecca, "Much Ado About Shakespeare"
  25. Spelta, John, "What Have We Done to Shakespeare"
  26. Teerlink, Mandy "The Little Corner of Shakespeare in My Life"
  27. Tertipes, David, "Open Source Shakespeare"
  28. Vavrinec, Jessica, "Shakespeare"
  29. Welcker, Christopher, "My First Blogging."
  30. Wright, Caroline, "Gleaming the Globe"
  31. Ysasaga, Ashley, "Ashley Talks Shakespeare"